Dark Web Academy Dark web training from Searchlight Cyber

Gain the dark web know-how and technical skills you need to spot threats and pursue criminals on the dark web using Cerberus.

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Duration 8 hours delivered virtually over two days


Upcoming training dates April 22 and 23, 2024


$1,000 USD per attendee ★★★★✬ 4.5 (4 ratings) 


Dark Web Course Overview

Learn the fundamentals you need to securely access the dark web and identify threats using our investigation platform, Cerberus. There’s no prior dark web experience needed*.

In this course, designed for cybercrime investigators, threat intelligence analysts, and law enforcement officers, you’ll learn how Tor works, how to access dark web markets and forums, and how to investigate threat actors. Instructor-led teaching and hands-on, in-browser exercises will reinforce your new investigation skills, as you work with real-world dark web data.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills to confidently conduct investigations on the hidden internet using the Cerberus platform, helping you bring cybercriminals to justice.

* Course is only available to users with an existing Cerberus license.

What our alumni are saying

“Very useful course in providing knowledge of the dark web and Searchlight's dark web investigation capability regarding it. ”

Cybercrime Police Officer

“The Dark Web Academy was helpful in expanding my existing knowledge of the dark web and allowed me to apply and reinforce what I had learned in practical tasks.”

Senior Data Analyst

“Learning about the deep and dark web gave me a better perspective to what's out there and how to conduct efficient searches using Cerberus!”

Cybersecurity Analyst

“In every aspect presented, trainers Joe and Robert were there to assist; their extensive knowledge left no question unanswered. ”

Senior Data Analyst

What you’ll get out of this course

Grow your technical skills

Using Cerberus to securely investigate criminal activity on the dark web

Build your dark web confidence

Through guidance from our dark web experts and interactive in-browser exercises

Learn how to find intelligence

On hidden sites and services using our dark web investigation platform, Cerberus

Certificate of completion

In addition to earning 8 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits

Course Syllabus

The Dark Web Academy is a virtual training delivered over two days. In this hands-on course, you’ll work with Searchlight Cyber’s dark web investigation platform, Cerberus, developing your ability to use the tool and extract valuable data. By the end of this course, you’ll have a greater understanding of the dark web and how you can use Cerberus to enhance your criminal investigations and intelligence gathering.

Day One (virtual, 4 hours)


  • Introduction to the dark, deep, and clear webs
  • Overview of Tor and I2P browsers
  • How to safely access and navigate the dark web 
  • Cerberus – Platform overview and foundations

Day Two (virtual, 4 hours)


  • Dark web forums, markets and personal data
  • Ransomware groups and actors
  • Cerberus – Advanced investigation methods
  • Session recap and final Q&A

Master dark web investigations

Gain the dark web know-how and technical skills you need to identify threats and pursue cybercriminals on the dark web using Cerberus.

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Learn how to uncover criminal activity on the deep and dark web 

Cerberus dark web investigation platform

Cerberus is a powerful dark web search and investigation platform trusted by law enforcement and government agencies worldwide. In this training, you’ll learn how to access live activity and over 15 years of archived dark web data that was previously unobtainable. You’ll also have hands-on experience with the Stealth Browser, a secure dark web virtual machine, to directly access the dark web on Tor and I2P.

Meet your Instructors

Meet the experts behind the training. When you register for the Dark Web Academy, you’ll gain exclusive insights from our team of experts who have backgrounds in cybersecurity, law enforcement, and the military.

Robert Fitzsimons

Senior Threat Intelligence Engineer

Joe Honey - Searchlight Cyber

Joe Honey

Threat Intelligence Engineer

Steven Bar

Threat Intelligence Engineer

Frequently asked training questions

The training is delivered virtually in English and attendees are encouraged to ask questions throughout the training.

No installation of Tor or any other dark web browser is required. You will use our dark web investigation platform, Cerberus, to directly access the dark web. The training is currently only available to existing customers, but if you are soon to become a customer, access to a Cerberus license can be provided for the duration of the course.

Yes. In addition to earning 8 CPE credits for completing the training, you will receive a certificate of completion that you can share on your CV or resume and LinkedIn profile.

Yes. The Dark Web Academy can be delivered privately in person on request. The minimum private class size is 5 for online and 10 for in-person training. Contact us to learn more.