Ransomware Search and Insights

Effortlessly track ransomware groups and actors on the dark web with our ransomware intelligence tool.

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Ransomware Search and Insights is part of CERBERUS, The dark web intelligence platform of choice for threat & criminal investigators

Give your investigators the power to:

Track ransomware groups

Effortlessly track 100s of active actors and groups on the dark web

View emerging threats

Visualize continuously updated ransomware intelligence by industry and geography

Get ahead of threats

See which groups are most likely to attack your business so you can take defensive action

Ransomware Search and Insights - Monitor active groups and threat actors on the dark web

Time-saving ransomware intelligence

Accelerate dark web investigations with secure access to previously unobtainable live criminal activity and archived data spanning over 15 years. Ransomware Search and Insights automatically collates dark web data from ransomware groups – supplemented with human intelligence (HUMINT) from our threat intelligence team.

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Investigate criminal actors on the dark web - Searchlight Cyber

Investigate and pivot on threat actors

Using Cerberus, you can quickly and securely investigate an attacker’s activity and modus operandi. Tracking the activity of prolific threat actors on marketplaces and forums can support the efforts of law enforcement agencies in disrupting and taking down these groups.

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“With visibility into the dark web presence of active ransomware threat actors, analysts can better understand how they are currently operating, therefore gaining a critical advantage over groups”

Dr Gareth Owenson, CTO and Co-Founder, Searchlight Cyber

An example of someone conducting an investigation on the deep and dark web using Cerberus by Searchlight Cyber

Defend against a potential attack

Create activity alerts to monitor ransomware groups and actors of interest. Searchlight’s critical threat intelligence also makes it easy for you to view ransomware victims by sector and identify the groups that are targeting your industry. 

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Convict criminals behind the ransomware

Built on years of experience working with the world’s leading law enforcement agencies, our Ransomware module in Cerberus gives your team the dark web data and tools they build a case to convict criminals behind the ransomware.

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