CSEA Image Search

Identify the victims of Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (CSEA). Prosecute offenders.

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CSEA Image Search is part of the award-winning Cerberus investigation product, used by law enforcement agencies to gather evidence on dark web criminals.

give YOUR investigators the power to:


By image metadata, including hash and EXIF data


Who and when people are sharing images


High-risk actors behind the online aliases

Law enforcement image search for indecent images of children (CSEA)

Intuitive Image Search

Equip investigators with intuitive and powerful CSEA search. Investigators with or without dark web experience can effectively quickly search by keyword, image metadata (including hash and EXIF data), or upload an image of interest – making it easier to identify victims and pursue offenders.

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Investigate criminal actors on the dark web - Searchlight Cyber

Identify high-risk actors

Track where and when images have been shared or distributed on CSEA forums and chat sites. You can then gather evidence on known offenders and pivot on individual actors to view their posting history and uncover other aliases they may be using on the dark web.

An example of someone conducting an investigation on the deep and dark web using Cerberus by Searchlight Cyber

Gather evidence, build a case

Simple case management and reporting allow you to easily maintain, audit, and report on multiple investigations across multiple teams and countries in real-time, so you can focus on deconflicting targets.

Critical dark web intelligence

Access deep and dark web criminal communications

CSEA Image Search is part of the Cerberus investigation product and gives investigators access to the most comprehensive dataset of clear, deep, and dark web sources. Built hand-in-hand with national law enforcement agencies, it has been used to securely track down the individuals and gangs behind serious crimes and bring them to justice.

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