AI-Powered Language Translation
for Dark Web Investigations

Instantly understand what criminals are saying in the top 10 languages on the dark web

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instantly search, monitor, & understand threats in other languages

Get accurate translations

Translate non-English posts in one click to gain the context you need to investigate and defend your organization from threats on the dark web

Cross-language search

When you search for a keyword, Searchlight delivers results in English and extends the search to include equivalent terms in other languages

Quickly spot patterns

See the source language on any dark web action or search result, to see trends within specific linguistic communities

AI-powered language translation is available in DarkIQ and Cerberus 

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Get context-rich translations that are more accurate compared to non-dark web-optimized translation tools.


Understand the top 10 dark web languages

In-platform translation gives cybercrime investigators, threat intelligence analysts, and law enforcement officers access to precisely translated results for the top 10 languages on the dark web, collectively representing over 94% of non-English content. The full list includes Russian, German, French, Spanish, Bulgarian, Indonesian, Turkish, Italian, Dutch, & Standard Chinese.

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Optimized for Russian dark web data

Searchlight’s language model has been specifically trained to accurately translate Russian, the second most widely used language on the dark web, including the specialized slang used by Russian cybercriminals. This gives analysts and investigators access to threat intelligence with no loss of context.

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Make dark web searches easier

AI-powered language translation in Cerberus makes dark web investigations easier by automatically expanding your keyword search to include equivalent terms in the top 10 languages on the dark web.

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Understand threats in other languages

With DarkIQ, analysts can monitor the dark web and instantly understand threats in multiple languages – allowing you to identify and take action on previously hidden threats.

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