Cerberus: Dark web investigation

A powerful investigation platform for uncovering criminal activity on the deep and dark web.

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Adversaries using the dark web think you can’t see them, with Cerberus you can

Criminals using the dark web think you can’t see them, with Cerberus you can

Cerberus uses proprietary techniques developed by world-leading researchers to deliver the most comprehensive dark web dataset on the market, providing access to intelligence that was previously unobtainable.


Trusted globally by law enforcement and government agencies


The world's leading analysts and investigators use Cerberus to keep their people and countries safe online. It has been used in some of the biggest cases involving dark web activity and has had a proven impact in bringing perpetrators to justice.


Cerberus is designed to reduce labor for enterprise teams, law enforcement and government agencies. It does not require technical skills, background or knowledge to use and allows your people to investigate the dark web without putting themselves at risk or having to download any special software.


Our case management features enable you to maintain, audit, and report on multiple investigations across multiple teams. Automated alerting, reporting, and sharing of resources means that cases can be built in real-time and the ability to collaborate across departments within the platform means that you can easily deconflict targets.

Investigate ransomware groups on the dark web - Searchlight Cyber

Ransomware Search and Insights

Gather Threat Intelligence On Ransomware Groups

Ransomware continues to be one of the greatest concerns for governments and security professionals alike. The Cerberus Ransomware Search and Insights module helps investigators gain the advantage on ransomware groups with access to continuously updated intelligence on their latest tactics, known members, and victims.

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Stealth Browser on Searchlight Cyber - a virtual machine you can use to explore the hidden corners of the dark web on Tor and I2P in one place, safe in the knowledge that your identity is protected and malware can’t jump to your organization’s live network.


Your virtual machine to anonymously investigate the dark web

The dark web is a critical source of intelligence for cybersecurity professionals, but accessing it carries risks for the investigator and their organization. Stealth Browser eliminates these risks by automatically masking the investigator’s digital fingerprint, allowing investigators to quickly and securely access Tor and I2P onions on the dark web without risk to themselves or their organization’s infrastructure.

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Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (CSEA ) Image Search

CSEA Image Search

Identify victims of Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse. Prosecute offenders.

Provide your law enforcement officers with access to our intuitive CSEA image search. Regardless of their dark web experience, they can search by keyword, image metadata, or image upload to gather evidence on high-risk actors.

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Dark web sources

Deepest Dark Web Dataset

Cerberus creates a mirror image of the dark web so your teams can safely navigate the most comprehensive dataset of clear, deep, and dark web sources. Investigate live sites or search back through more than 15 years of historic data.

A threat investigator looking for cybercriminals on the dark web using Cerberus by Searchlight Cyber


Conduct Investigations on the Deep and Dark Web

Uncover the Cybercriminal Underworld

Understand the scale of criminal activity on the dark web to inform resourcing and investigation.


Track Illegal Commodities

Gain visibility into the sale of credentials, vulnerabilities, malware, drugs, arms, child exploitation materials, and more on dark web marketplaces.


Identify actors

Investigate individuals and groups with the ability to pivot on usernames, aliases, and historic activity.

An example of someone conducting an investigation on the deep and dark web using Cerberus by Searchlight Cyber

Extract Threat Intelligence

Uncover the activity of cybercriminals in the pre-attack phase, to inform cyber defenses.


Report On Dark Web Activity

Powerful reporting features within the platform allow you to meaningfully share findings with other teams or senior leadership.


Gather Digital Forensics

Build case files of evidence gathered from your investigations into activity on the clear, deep, and dark web.


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