Spot threats earlier with dark web monitoring by Searchlight Cyber

Automatically monitor the dark web for external threats and prevent security incidents against your brand, suppliers, and people.

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The power of dark web intelligence

Criminals don’t send courtesy emails before they breach your network. But by monitoring dark web marketplaces, forums, and hidden chats, you can identify threat actors before they strike. 

Know critical intelligence first and empower analysts to defend against:

Cyber risks

Get threat tailored alerts, including leaked credentials, open ports, code repos, and software vulnerabilities.

Criminal activity

Receive automated alerts when your brand or its employees are mentioned by threat actors or groups.

Hidden threats

Identify indicators of insider threats, the sale of initial access on hacking forums, ransomware group listings, and supply chain attacks.

An illustration of dark web threats to the energy industry captured in DarkIQ by Searchlight Cybera

Identify imminent threats on the dark web

Be the first to know when cybercriminals on the dark web are targeting your company

Searchlight continuously monitors the dark web for hidden cybercriminal activity. Think of us like your automated analyst. We detect, categorize, and alert you to imminent threats such as software vulnerabilities, leaked credentials, and supply chain threats so you can take action against cybercriminals before they strike.

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Dark web traffic monitoring - a view of inbound and outbound traffic monitoring for a cybersecurity team

Spot anomalies in your network traffic

Monitor Tor traffic: A key indicator of malicious activity

Get agentless visibility into live and historical Tor traffic to and from your network. Searchlight’s proprietary technology helps security teams detect the telltale traffic patterns associated with malware installation, insider threats, and data theft.

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Cutting-edge technology and Dark Web data

Analyst time-saving platform

Just enter your organization’s attributes, such as domains, IP addresses, and employee credentials, and Searchlight will automatically scan them against over 8 million dark and deep web records. Searchlight then categorizes and proactively alerts you to imminent threats against your organization – saving your analysts valuable time.

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Benefits of dark web monitoring

Unlock Dark web intelligence for your organization

Automatically spot the earliest warning signs – including leaked company credentials, new vulnerabilities, or dark web chatter about you or a supplier on the dark web – before they impact your business.

Easy to deploy

Agentless deployment with our outside-in approach to data collection

Continuous monitoring

AI-powered scanning of your attributes, including domains and IP addresses

Actionable alerts

Increase SOC efficiency with prioritized alerts based on dark web intelligence

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Excellent service. Great tool for breach investigation.

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Unique high-tech offering yet with people who are easy to work with.

— Security practice director, IT Services Industry


An amazing resource for conducting breach investigations.

— Digital marketing Analyst

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