The world's most comprehensive darknet intelligence platform

Criminals using the darknet think that you can’t see them. With CERBERUS you can.

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$18m Average cost of a data breach
62.5% Increase in cost per breach in 5 years
300% Growth of data breaches in 5 years
2,000,000 Darknet users per day
2 in 3 Searches are for explicitly illegal material

Cerberus Features

Search and Discover

Search and navigate the darknet as you would the clearnet without installing any special software. We remove all malicious scripts and images to allow you to view page content offline and safely.


Darknet traffic entering and leaving your network is a strong threat indicator. Monitor hacking attempts from outside and threats from within and receive instant notification of suspect activity.

Darknet OSINT

Know when your information is being sold or distributed on the darknet. We monitor dark markets, paste bins, documents and forums and will alert you as soon as a breach is detected.

Investigative Tools

Use the raw data combined with sophisticated analytics to track actors, build a network of information and gain insights that can only are only possible utilising big data.

Case Management

Build exportable case files utilising the case management tools. Share cases with colleagues, comment, receive alerts while automatically recording a timeline and an auditable trail.

Darknet markets and Forums

Cerberus scans for vulnerabilities and combines multiple data sources to help attribute criminal actors and servers, ensuring you can resolve your investigation or operation.

Protection from a distance; no need to install additional software or hardware. No operational disruption.
Searchlight are leading experts in darknet intelligence and forensics. We have the world's largest commercially available darknet database and defensive toolset.
CERBERUS maintains historical versions of dark net pages allowing you to search for compromising data that may have since been removed or modified.

Your CERBERUS Dashboard

  • Alert notifications allow you to easily see which of your cases have new activity.
  • The darknet news feed provides you with the latest news from the Darknet and cybersecurity sectors.
  • High level onion stats allow you to track trends and changes in global darknet activity.
  • Retain and recall useful data with Cerberus bookmarks. Bookmark a site, service, OSINT, market listing or forum post.

  • Snapshots of Darknet activity over the last 24 hours reveal spikes in global activity trends.
  • Quick access to CERBERUS searches and features.
  • Monitor what people have been searching the darknet for.
  • Short cuts and overview of your active cases.

CERBERUS for Your Organisation

Law Enforcement

CERBERUS for law enforcement has been designed for usability and data enrichment. An intuitive and collaborative platform that provides auditable case management with the ability to export data, images, snapshots or even whole darknet pages.

CERBERUS for Law Enforcement

Asset Protection

Commercial assets and sensitive information are valuable targets for hackers. With CERBERUS it is possible to monitor insider and external threats of the darknet.

We can even look for your most sensitive documents without ever seeing the original, protecting your privacy whilst maintaining vigilance.

CERBERUS for Asset Protection