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Benefits of monitoring Ransomware group activity

Tracking ransomware groups and pre-empting emerging threats is a challenge for defenders, particularly with new gangs springing up all the time. Our Ransomware Search and Insights module automatically collates dark web data from ransomware groups into a single, easy-to-query dashboard – giving cybersecurity professionals the power to detect emerging ransomware threats and defend their company against ransomware attacks.

Track ransomware groups

Effortlessly track 100s of active actors and groups on the dark web

View emerging threats

Visualize continuously updated ransomware intelligence by industry and geography

Mitigate ransomware risk

See which groups are most likely to attack your business so you can take defensive action


Cutting edge technology and dark web data

Use dark web intelligence against ransomware groups

Enhance your defensive and cyber threat intelligence (CTI) capabilities with secure access to previously unobtainable live ransomware activity and archived dark web data spanning over 15 years. Our cloud-based platform unlocks access to critical intelligence on ransomware groups, including their operations, communications, and reconnaissance activities on the dark web.

Time-saving ransomware intelligence

defend against ransomware and ransomware-as-a-service groups

Give your security team the advantage over ransomware groups with Searchlight’s cutting-edge dark web monitoring capabilities. Companies can quickly set up automated alerts to detect the earliest warning signs of a ransomware attack, including criminal reconnaissance and resource development. Using our tools, you can detect pre-ransomware attack activity, like mentions of your company on dark web forums and distinctive dark web traffic partners indicating malware has been installed on your network. All alerts are automatically prioritized and mapped to the relevant MITRE ATT&CK techniques – helping you prioritize and respond to threats quicker.

Defend against attacks

Investigate ransomware groups and actors targeting your business

Using Cerberus for dark web investigations, you can quickly and securely investigate an attacker’s activity and modus operandi. Tracking the activity of prolific ransomware groups and threat actors on marketplaces and forums can support the efforts of CTI and SOC teams in pre-empting and preventing ransomware attacks against your business.

Frequently asked questions about monitoring Ransomware Groups on the dark web

By investigating the dark web activity of prolific threat actors on marketplaces and forums, businesses gain visibility into the pre-attack activity of ransomware actors – giving then more time to understand the threat and prepare a response. For law enforcement agencies, access to this information can accelerate their efforts to disrupt and take down these ransomware and RaaS groups. However, it can be challenging for security professionals to manually track and investigate ransomware group activity on the deep web. Our Ransomware Search and Insights module gives organizations and law enforcement agencies the ability to investigate, track, and gather intelligence on live ransomware activity in a single dashboard. This curated view of ransomware groups, highlights patterns in tactics, incidents, and victimology that can be observed in real-time, helping analysts to bolster their threat intelligence and gain the upper hand on ransomware groups.

Yes, the pre-attack stages of a ransomware attack can be detected using proactive and reactive methods. Searchlight Cyber’s dark web investigation and monitoring solutions enable proactive detection of cybercriminals during the reconnaissance phase – where they are looking for weak points in your organization’s defenses, discuss their plan of action, and even buy access or tools to launch their attack.

To detect these activities, dark web searches and alerts can be set up by combining keywords and search operators – with the option to receive email alerts. Additionally, our proprietary technology allows organizations to monitor for suspicious dark web traffic directed towards their network. This capability can help identify data exfiltration (TA0010), particularly when observing a significant volume of data transfers via Tor.

Our Ransomware Search and Insights module makes it possible for cybersecurity professionals to pivot and investigate up-to-date ransomware intelligence. This includes information on high-risk threat actors targeting your organization, the evolving tactics of ransomware groups, and region- and industry-specific victim data. 

Our annual ransomware report covers the most prolific gangs on the dark web. Visit our dark web reports page to download the latest report and find out the ransomware tactics we observed over the past 12 months, how the ransomware ecosystem has diversified, and the emerging players you can expect to be influential in the coming year.

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