CERBERUS for Asset Protection

Darknet (users) clients inside your network are a strong indicator that you have a serious insider threat. CERBERUS will instantly alert you to its detection and point you at the suspect machine whether it's a rogue employee trying to disguise themselves while exporting data or malware spreading through your system.

The following hypothetical case shows the flow of how CERBERUS can be used to help protect your assets:

"Hepius Reasearch Plc. is at risk from hackers and malicious insiders. Hepius Research performs medical research and holds confidential information as well as valuable trade secrets that are coveted by other companies and governments. You have to help secure their latest project, ‘Panacea’."

1. The investigation begins

You search the darknet for ‘Hepius Research’ and Panacea’, saving results to your case and creating new activity alerts.

Search the darknet safely and securely with CERBERUS. Easily create alerts for relevant keywords.

2. Discovering leaks

You search for OSINT related to Hepius Research employees and domains, getting multiple positive hits.

CERBERUS has one of the worlds largest searchable databases of darknet OSINT

3. Tracing the leaks

Exploring darknet forums has confirmed your suspicions. Panacea is being discussed by Hacktavists.

CERBERUS provides a simple interface for searching darknet forums and users

4. Closing in...

A Paste Bin search has revealed leaked email addresses and passwords of Panacea researchers.

CERBERUS indexes darknet and Clear Net paste bins for easy searching of leaked data.

5. A suspect is identified

Searching darknet traffic logs reveals the IP of a disgruntled employee attempting to sell sensitive data.

CERBERUS has exhaustive logs of darknet traffic, helping you to identify suspicious behaviour.

6. Case closed!

You pass the details onto Hepius Research and Law Enforcement. The leaks stop and legal proceedings begin against the Employee.