CERBERUS data can be accessed via an API, providing a darknet feed to augment existing cyber security. As the API is designed for SOCs and intelligence feeds. The API has enhanced features over using the CERBERUS user interface alone.

Fine Time Resolution

The API will monitor your network at a higher time resolution for darknet traffic allowing you to look for spikes in traffic and closer monitor insider threats.


Integrate our darknet feed into your operations centre or dashboard keeping all your feeds in one place using our API.


The API feed can be scaled to suit your budget and requirements.

More alerts

The number of alerts is limited in CERBERUS cases. The API allows for a much greater number of alerts and queries to be run.

Searchlight APIs can be customised to fit your needs. Get in touch to discuss your needs with our expert developers.

Searchlight API Use Cases

Cyber Risk Modeling

The financial implications of a cyber attacks and data breaches can be huge. The number of cyber attacks is tripling every 5 years and with the ramp up of data protection laws, the cost of a breach is increasing. The Searchlight Security can expose darknet compromises of security and threat vectors remotely. This means that a company's liability can be measured and quantified allowing the calculation of a potential hidden cost to am organisation. Our data has shown a strong correlation between perceived darknet risk and real life consequences.

Due diligence, investment management and insurance services could all benefit from our experience and threat feed.

Cryptocurrency Market Intelligence

The darknet combined with the use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero allows users the anonymity that they seek. Darknet markets use cryptocurrencies and the adoption of a new currency could be a strong indicator of increasing expectancy and value. Many darknet forums discuss vulnerabilities and advantages of difference currencies providing a useful insight to the security of a given coin.

Searchlight Security can provide an intelligence feed for crypto chatter and usage allowing you to make more informed decisions about which cryptocurrency is right for you.

Security Operations Centers

The darknet is frequently used to hide hackers' identities, share vulnerability information, buy cyber weapons and sell stolen data. Searchlight Security's API can be used as a darknet plug-in to your existing security operations center. Monitor traffic, markets and Forums for threats both external and internal.