Ben Jones

A New Look and Feel for Searchlight Cyber

I am excited to announce that we are capping off our year with a rebrand.

Introducing Searchlight Cyber

Firstly, the eagle eyed among you will have noticed a slight change to our company name, from Searchlight Security to Searchlight Cyber. This tweak is a practical point to align the brand of our legal entities in the UK and the US (now Searchlight Cyber Ltd and Searchlight Cyber LLC, respectively). It also more accurately matches our work to combat “cyber” (as opposed to wider security) threats.

This has been accompanied by a much more substantial change to the design of our website, our logo, our products, and our collateral, which reflects a new stage for Searchlight.

A Visual Identify That Reflects Our Business

When Gareth and I founded Searchlight five years ago it was a very different company than it is today. We were solely focused on one market segment (government and law enforcement) and were (unsurprisingly) a much smaller team.

Searchlight has evolved. Since then we have taken funding from our investors Astra Capital Management, established a presence in the US, and expanded our products to serve both commercial and public sector customers.

The business has been on a fast-growth trajectory and this change has never been more apparent than in 2022. Just this year, our headcount has increased by more than 150 percent, we have expanded our customer base in both the UK and US, and we have added new and exciting capabilities to our products – such as our Ransomware Search and Insights module, launched just last week.

It seems fitting, then, that we finish this year with a new look and feel that better reflects the business that we are today. A more mature brand for a more mature company, which has navigated the “startup” stage and is proven in delivering for its customers.

A Dark Web Intelligence Resource

In developing our new brand and website we made a very conscious decision to focus on the value we can deliver to our customers and the wider security community. Searchlight is a mission driven company: everything we do is to protect society from the threats of the dark web. This ethos extends to our new brand.

To that end, our new website is designed to be a resource for cyber professionals to learn more about dark web threat intelligence. This includes a knowledge base of reports, webinars, blogs, use cases and more – as well as first to market research and threat intelligence, to help the industry stay ahead of our adversaries.

Our objective was to make the new website as intuitive and easy to use as possible to help our audiences (enterprises, MSSPs, law enforcement, and government agencies) access the information that will help them in their own missions to combat dark web threats.

So please, explore the new site and stay tuned as we build out our resources over the coming months. If you want to be the first to receive our latest updates, threat intelligence, and research, sign up to Beacon for weekly email updates on everything that is to come in the year ahead.